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RIOLOGY: Data Visualization of Rivers as Digital-Natural Twins

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Data Visualization of Rivers as Digital-Natural Twins

This artistic citizen science initiative was organized by Matadero Madrid in 2019 in the context of the Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives. It was curated by artist Robertina Šebjanič and produced by Eduardo Castillo Vinuesa. 

The focus of the artistic research was the Manzanares river as a frontier of hybridization between nature and city. 500 citizen volunteers followed a Riology Guide that trained them to explore the river and collect samples of the water, the soil, and many other indicators, using common and specially designed devices such as temperature measurer Nymphaea created by Zap and Buj. 

With the collected data, a dynamic infography was created by Paco Alfaro Anguita and (z) Sergio DCT, Miautics founder. They programmed an interface capable of visualizing the data collected from the soil of the Manzanares riverbank layers, in a given section. The interface helps collect the extracted data, but also cross analyze them. The cartography works as a template that allows to compare similar data from other rivers. For a detailed explanation of the visualization process, reach out to us through 

Artist: Robertina Šebjanic Curator: Amanda Masha Caminals (Instituto Mutante de Narrativas Ambientales de Matadero Madrid ) Production coordinator: Eduardo Castillo Vinuesa Extraction of soil witnesses: Biotopo Consultores Soil analysis: AGQ Labs Smell extraction: Ernesto Ventós Technical support: SceenArt d.o.o. and ZAP&BUJ Visualization: Paco Alfaro, Sergio del Castillo / MIAU_Infographics Commission: Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives - Matadero Madrid // Instituto Mutante de Narrativas Ambientales (IMNA) - Matadero Madrid Exibition in Matadero Madrid: ECOVISIONARIOS